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Welcome Seniors! Thanks so much for checking out my website!


I would LOVE to create some knock 'em dead portraits for you. We'll get photos that grandma can display proudly on her mantel. We'll get photos that you can use for rush. We'll get lots of sure to impress photos for that Facebook timeline. And, we'll get an image or two, even a whole album, that evoke all the special memories and emotions of this time of your life - just for you (and maybe mom).


We'll work together to choose a location, clothes and possibly props that will capture what makes you you!


Would you like to have your hair and makeup done for your photos? Great idea - I highly recommend it! And I can hook you up.


Don't let all the "please send photo" requirements of the next year catch you by surprise! You'll be glad to have these images on hand.


Email me at for more info. Hope to talk to soon!